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Dr. Maya Angelou speaks explicitly about her experience with the stigma and shame of being a sex worker/former sex worker.

"I had a very rough time at 18… and I went on a national show and a woman did the interview who I knew slightly [she smiles softly here and raises her eyebrows] and she said “Maya Angelou! How does it feel to know you’re the first Black woman to have a national bestseller non fiction, your second book nominated for the Pulitzer, and to know that at 18 you were a prostitute?” 

And it was like a kick in the stomach! However, there is this: You must always be careful who you call out. [She smiles very broadly here and nods to emphasise the word “careful”] When she said that, I said, “Ahhh but there are many ways to prostitute one’s self and you would know about that, wouldn’t you dear?”  

Whereupon they went to break, [The interviewer laughs heartily] Yes, whereupon her co-host came and concluded the interview.”

…. Life goals


:( she’s so great.


Vintage Inspiration: Portraits of African women from Burundi, South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Djibouti, Zanzibar, Ghana and Morocco. 

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All Africa, All the time.

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Don’t do it….

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European beauty standards seem to revolve around hair and makeup. Black women have FACE. The shape, the expression, everything.

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